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Get international coverage for your business school

When the University of Exeter joined our programme it resulted in a 1,600% increase in quality press coverage

Get quality media coverage

– in just two months

  • Does your business school get little or no coverage in international media?

  • Do you want a stronger relationship with the business education media?

  • Would a stronger relationship with business education reporters be helpful?

What we will do for you

In two months, we will:


  • Deliver your first international PR campaign
  • Generate six pieces of press coverage
  • Introduce you to six key journalists.


What will it achieve?

By generating international press coverage, our business schools are already enjoying better visibility in the media, as well as seeing more leads, greater awareness amongst potential students, partners and funders, and increased engagement within industry and wider society. 

Kick start your media relations programme

Our proven strategy will give you:

  • A focus on what you want to achieve, rather than generating media coverage for the sake of it
  • Clarity on who you are targeting, so that you don’t end up communicating with the wrong people
  • Strong messages based on your expertise, rather than being all things to all people
    A target list of the right journalists and outlets for you, rather than a scattergun approach
  • Insider knowledge  on what makes a story newsworthy
  • An understanding of how to choose strong supporting information, to increase your chances of coverage
  • Introductions to key journalists, meaning that you can build relationships
  • Stronger media pitches, which are less likely to be rejected
  • High-level advice to spokespeople and your team on how to react to opportunities.

If you’ve decided that you want your school to appear regularly in the media, book a one-hour discovery call with us.