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Helping business schools to build powerful reputations


How would you feel if your school achieved regular, positive media coverage in top international news outlets? How much easier would your job be if you had a smooth flow of quality content to engage and inspire your audiences? What if you could achieve all of this with your existing commitments and resources?

Business school marketing communications teams have to cope with multiple pressures. Many are under-funded and under-resourced, but they also have a host of internal demands on their time. Against this backdrop, it’s difficult to find the time and energy to focus on the activities and practices that will deliver the best impact.

That’s where we can help.

We are on a mission to help business school marketing communications teams to make the best use of their resources – and ultimately make a bigger impact. As business school PR specialists, we help you to:

  • Unblock any barriers to communications within your organisation and create a flow of newsworthy stories and content
  • Cut down unnecessary re-working by educating internal stakeholders about what external audiences want
  • Be laser-focused on your expert strengths and objectives – rather than communicating for communications’ sake
  • Identify the strongest angles in academic research and demonstrate their relevance for lay audiences
  • Be more targeted in your media relations and open more doors to journalists
  • Feel confident and clear about your process and results
Business school pr specialists


Business School PR Specialists

Kick Start Your PR

A starter programme for schools who want to build their reputation, but don’t know where to start.

Reboot Your Reputation

A fast-impact programme for schools who want to refresh and review their PR.

Accelerate Your Reputation

A 12-month programme to help business schools achieve sustainable reputation.

Supercharge Your Content

A programme to put the foundations in place.

Business School Content Generator

A 12-month programme to help schools produce a smooth, quality flow of content.


A short-term programme for when you need a one-off launch of research or a book.

“I work closely with Roe Communications to strengthen Saïd Business School’s engagement with the media. Vicki and Toby are creative and energetic partners, with excellent media contacts.”

Jeevan Vasagar, Head of Media Relations, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

“Roe Communications has transformed our visibility among business education media. They have helped us build a position in the media as an independent source of global market intelligence, trusted by international business schools to help them build sustainable futures.”

Andrew Crisp, Founder of CarringtonCrisp

“I cannot recommend Vicki and Toby highly enough. Not only do they have incredible sector specific expertise, experience and contacts, they are the nicest and most patient and understanding team to work with. They’ve made a big difference to our press coverage and awareness of our work and that of our startups. A huge thank you!”

Amy Lothian, Head of Marketing and Communications, Oxford Foundry, University of Oxford

“Roe Communications was instrumental in helping us raise our profile in international media titles,” says Annelaure Oudinot Guilloteau, Communications Director at GEM. “They understand what these journalists do and don’t want, enabled us to identify and shape stronger stories and focus on our desired positioning.”

Annelaure Oudinot Guilloteau, Communications Director at Grenoble Ecole de Management

7 reasons why journalists aren’t covering your research

Why do business schools struggle to interest journalists in their research stories? There are several common mistakes…

Ian Fenwick, Professor of Marketing

5 Questions with… Ian Fenwick

Professor Ian Fenwick, Director of Sasin School of Management discusses how the school markets itself to potential students.

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Bridgerton: 4 Surprising Lessons for Media Relations

Relationships are key for business schools that want to embark upon media relations. Read on for our (tongue-in-cheek) lessons from Bridgerton about media relations.

Andrew Crisp owner of CarringtonCrisp

5 Questions With… Andrew Crisp

Andrew Crisp, joint owner of education consultancy, CarringtonCrisp, gives his advice on how business schools can differentiate themselves from competitors.

Why time is the ultimate currency in business school communications

Lack of resources is a huge challenge for business school communicators. The answer? Use time wisely and focus on activities with the biggest impact.

Business school communications teams pulled in different directions

The pitfalls of short-term thinking in business school PR

Short-term thinking is the biggest challenge for business school marketing communications professionals – but it is making it harder to establish a strong reputation.

Get better media coverage

3 ways to get better media coverage in 2024

Get better media coverage for your business school in 2024 by focusing on your why, understanding what journalists want and working out how to engage with them.

Bangkok at sunset

How Sasin School of Management kick-started its international PR

By focusing on its key strengths, Sasin School of Management has been able to carve out an international reputation as a business education study destination.

Clear objectives

Why your business school needs clear PR objectives

Being clear on your objectives is the first step to an impactful PR campaign. Without having clear PR objectives from the outset, you will not be able to show how your campaign contributes to your school’s growth overall. And it might make you re-assess…

Woman reading newspaper

How Grenoble Ecole de Management improved international media coverage

By prioritising quality over quantity and doubling down on newsworthy stories, Grenoble Ecole de Management succeeded in increasing awareness via international media outlets.

Investing in PR

New to PR? 4 tips for business schools

Positive press coverage can bring multiple benefits for your business school, but starting off on the right foot is essential to success. But when you commit to PR, it’s important to start off on the right foot. 

Media profile

Why a strong media profile makes it easier to recruit students

In 2022, the competition for prospective business school students is hotter than ever. But having a positive media profile will make it easier to convince would-be applicants.

Why you need to develop a strong PR toolkit

Business schools that prepare for media requests become seen as a reliable source and get more press coverage.

Tactics for getting media coverage

Six proven ways to get media coverage without press releases

Press releases are a useful tool, but there are plenty of other ways to get your business school into the media. We give you a rundown.

More than words: how to pitch to journalists

If you want to get your business school into the media, you will need to pitch stories to a journalist. We show you the steps you need to take for success.

Cherry pick your stories

How to build stronger journalist relationships

One of the key ingredients to getting press coverage is to develop effective working relationships with journalists – find out how you can make yours stronger.

Marketing Communications Director

How to get press coverage when you are snowed under

When you are short on time and resources, getting press coverage for your business school can be a challenge.

Person reading international media

How to get your business school into the press

It’s not easy getting your business school into the press. But by saying ‘yes’ to too many things, you could be making life more difficult.

Considering PR for your business school? Do these 3 things first

Many business schools are considering media relations to raise brand awareness. But you can throw time and money at it – without seeing tangible results.

Business school press coverage

Why doing more of the same won’t get you better press coverage

Business schools often increase their output when they are trying to get more press coverage. But the results don’t often justify the effort.

Consistency is the key to business school media relations

Why consistency counts in business school media relations

Consistency is the most under-rated media relations tool – and yet it is essential to building your reputation.

Myth-busting: six media relations myths that you need to stop believing

Media relations can help your business school build a powerful reputation, but there are numerous misconceptions about what it’s all about.

Time is the ultimate currency in business school communications.

Five proven ways to save time on your business school PR

Taking too long to get media announcements out, working on non-critical activities and pushing stories that aren’t newsworthy are just some of the things that can drain your PR team’s time – and take their focus away from what’s really important.

The Dos and Don’ts of using alumni in your media relations

Business schools are a goldmine of alumni stories, but to make them work for you in the media, you need to get a few things right first.

Five ways to engage your faculty in content production

Most business schools want to use academic insights to engage external audiences – but the journey from faculty desk to external channels is often bumpy.

Stop doing these things now if you want better press coverage

Many business schools don’t realise that they are sometimes using practices that will actually reduce the chances or even harm their ability to achieve consistent press coverage.