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Free Webinar

– Regain control of your business school PR

Say goodbye to stress and hello to influential press coverage

  • Are you finding it stressful to secure press coverage for your business school while feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin?
  • Do you find yourself releasing media stories that you KNOW won’t grab journalists’ attention?
  • Are you tired of constant fire-fighting when all you want to do is make a significant impact?
We’re assembling a community of business school marketing and communications professionals. For one hour over Zoom. During this session, we will show how to bring clarity to their business school PR activities, optimise available resources, and achieve press coverage that truly makes an impact. Many professionals in the business school marketing and communications field find themselves pulled in countless directions. They yearn to make a difference but often grapple with limited resources, internal pressures, and sometimes, a lack of direction from above. The consequence? Short-term, reactionary activities, driven by internal demands, rather than strategic, long-term activities with lasting impact. This can lead to dissatisfaction amongst internal colleagues, disengaged journalists, and frustration all round. But there is a better way. We’ll talk through approaches to navigate internal demands and guarantee external success.

This FREE WEBINAR is happening at 12 pm (UK) on Thursday 23rd November. Do you want to join us?