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Streamline your business school’s marketing communications

Bigger impact, less waste, in three months

Business school marketing communications colleagues…

  • Do you find yourself caught in a cycle of constant firefighting instead of focusing on strategic, long-term initiatives?
  • Do you feel the weight of expectations to deliver results without the necessary resources in terms of staff or budget?
  • Do you want greater recognition and appreciation from your peers within the school?

Within three months, we will:


  • Craft a roadmap to enhance your impact
  • Recommend ways to maximise your current resources
  • Propose actionable solutions to demonstrate value and ROI to senior colleagues

What are the benefits?

  • Less time wasted on marketing communications campaigns lacking value
  • Streamlined activities, making it easier to get on with the job
  • Reduced frustration and increased satisfaction from making a difference to your schools’

Business school marketing and communications teams face mounting challenges.

Internally, they confront increasing short-term demands without a clear organisational strategy, often lacking the necessary resources to demonstrate value.

Externally, the market for business education is evolving, posing challenges in differentiation among competitors and meeting changing student needs.

Marcomms: New Ways of Thinking

Created with our friends, CarringtonCrisp, our three-step “Marcomms – New Ways of Thinking” project will help to address your challenges, optimise resources and deliver valuable outcomes for your business school.


  1. Identify challenges: the project kicks off with a virtual workshop, where we work with you to understand your specific issues and aspirations for enhancing your marketing communications activities.
  2. Develop solutions: next, we facilitate face-to-face workshops with key staff members to delve deeper into your challenges and design innovative approaches for improved outcomes and greater impact.
  3. Deliver recommendations: we deliver a comprehensive report outlining practical actions to implement and next steps.

If you're seeking a more streamlined approach to marketing your school, get in touch!